• General Symptoms, Diagnosis and Cures of Lung Cancer

    At the last  years, medical world are considering about the lung cancer problem from different countries all around the world. Millions of people are catching lung cancer disease day by day. So, lung cancer has started to be common in many regions of the world. The cancer that begins in the lungs is divided into two separate types. These are non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer. Separation from each other of these cancers, the cells must be made according to the apparition on the microscope. Each type of lung cancer grows and spreads in different ways.

    General Symptoms of Lung Cancer

    The general signs and symptoms of lung cancer start with a cough which is endless and getting worse day by day. Persistent chest pain, blood spit, difficulties in breathing, breathing noisily, recurrent pneumonia or bronchitis, neck and facial swelling, anorexia – weight loss and serious tiredness. These symptoms may be caused by lung cancer or other less serious problems. The findings should be evaluated by a doctor.

    Lung Cancer Picture Image

    Lung Cancer Picture Image

    Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

    The doctor generally spends time for determining some reasons like diseases, tobacco use status, occupational exposure or environmental materials, if the process requires, doctor may have a talk with relatives. Also, roentgen and other tests may be demanded by the doctor.

    Cure Process and Method

    Cure process depends on many factors. These are the type of lung cancer, the stage of disease and general health status of the patient. Many different cures and cure combinations used in the lung cancer. Chemotherapy is the common method which injects drugs to kill cancer cells. Often, the cure consists of more than one medication. It will be important to see a doctor about these symptoms. As a common implementation, chemotherapy is given by mouth as a pill or in the form of intravenous fluid.

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  • Protection and Symptoms of Colon Cancer

    The concept of colon cancer has started to be so dangerous at the last years. The number of colon cancer patient is increasing day by day. The anatomical structure of the colon is examined from the bottom right upwards and to the left of the abdomen around, ends with anus. So, it takes place between the anus and small intestine. If we are going to count the parts, right colon, left colon, and rectum.

    What are the symptoms of colon cancer ?

    The symptoms differ in terms of structures and the right – left columns. Therefore, in cases of cancer that occurs in both of these symptoms differ in terms of. For example, cancers of the right colon means slowly growing masses. For this there is bleeding in the right colon, with stool and this may not occur. This may be a kind of hemorrhagic anemia.

    A feeling of fullness in the abdomen in the initial stages of colon cancer may occur with mild pain, and loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, and diarrhea. Constipation also may be. Despite the medication that is used to constipation may continue. Yet at this stage can differ according is not sufficient for intestinal cancer. The examination requires the patient but the patient doesn’t necessarily. Imaging studies to detect any abnormalities in the large intestine.

    Overview - Colon cancer

    Overview – Colon cancer


    What to be consumed to protect from colon cancer ?

    More fibrous foods to the diet are protective against colon cancer. This experiment has been proven. Plenty of people-reduces the incidence of colon cancer daily intake of fiber supplements. Because these substances are carcinogenic substances, the density decreases.

    There is a direct relationship between colon cancer and oily foods. Red meat and high-fat diets increase the threat of colon cancer. Therefore, you must consume small amounts of these foods.

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  • How can I take nourishment to protect from gastric cancer ?

    Unfortunately, gastric cancer is curable and treatment is difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to take protective measures. Compared to past, there are lots of gastric cancer patients in many countries all around the world today. There is a noticeable increase in the incidence of gastric cancer especially in men. There is a single cause that creates cancer in the stomach. Many different reasons are likely to be. Most of them are still unknown.

    Which nourishment style is increasing the risk of gastric cancer ?

    • Excessive consumption of salty foods, devoid of nutrition, fruits and vegetables, smoked and raw meat consumption are factors that increase the risk of gastric cancer.
    • Eating habits devoid of vitamin C and A
    • Too salty very salty foods or foods as consumed
    • Smoked meats, consumption of nutrients and fat refinery
    • Smoking
    • In conjunction with the use of antibiotics and pain killers that disrupts the protective barrier of the stomach may lead to a loss of any drug in the stomach.


    What to consume to protect from gastric cancer ?

    Green leafy vegetables, onions, and garlic it has been observed that frequent consumption may reduce the risk of gastric cancer.




    The cancer is a common disease of the age; the named item to quercetin are known to play an important role before and after treatment. Quercetin is taking place in high amounts of onions, apples and tea; a low proportion of garlic, brussels sprouts, locust beans, spinach, and nuts.

    So, we can say onion is playing an important role about protection from the gastric cancer.




    Apples or apple juice with the powder of licorice root is of great benefit in the treatment and protection of gastric cancer.

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  • The Concept of Treatment for Bladder Cancer for Adults

    Bladder, where urine is stored and filtered pies were being thrown out, and the muscle of a hollow organ. Bladder cancer most often, most lining the inner surface of the bladder (transitional epithelium) cells from stems. Bladder cancer is taking sixth place in the frequency table of the USA at the last years.  Each year, about 65000 people are taking diagnosis of bladder cancer and about 10000 of them are losing their lives.

    What are the general symptoms of Bladder cancer ?

    The exact cause of this disease, which hasn’t  determined yet as they are able to be seen at any age above the age of 60 are observed mostly because it can be thought of as a disease of advanced age. Bladder cancer is occurring three times more common men than women that makes disease the most important. Smokers 10 times more common to catch this cancer those with a genetic predisposition, prolonged exposure to chemicals (paint, rubber, leather etc. industries, such as workers) often is observed. A recurrent urinary tract disease, kidney stone disease in patients with bladder cancer increases the risk of patients who have to use it at the long end.

    How to treat Bladder Cancer ?

    There is a common treatment method like chemotherapy. It’s the first choice which are suggesting by many doctors, but cycstectomy is the alternative.     If the method is called radical cystectomy surgery, regional lymph nodes and is removed from the bladder after fragmentation as the artificial bladder, the intestines are made with imported parts. Then, the artificial bladder, anus, skin, or old urine can be connected to the channel. Laparoscopy this operation is also as a result of developments over the last years, can be performed laparoscopic or robotic assistance.

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  • What are the common symptoms of bladder cancer ?

    The most typical symptom may be blood in the urine (hematuria). Seen in almost all cases and is usually painless. As can be seen the urine with the naked eye, sometimes only detected on microscopic application to human urine. Blood of the urine, blood in the sputum or in the stool is seen as a potentially a symptom of cancer and should not be ignored.

    Is Hematuria a certain cancer symptom ?

    Hematuria does not indicate bladder cancer alone. There are other situations that can cause this. For example, it can cause a urinary tract infection or kidney stones. For some individuals that can be present without a significant problem, particularly microscopic hematuria you need to know. You need to make diagnostic tests to indicate the presence of bladder cancer.

    Other symptoms are frequent urination and pain upon urination (dysuria). Such “irrigative” symptoms are rarer. However, in the absence of urinary tract infection bladder cancer is not present you need to make sure that if you locate these symptoms.

    What Is Bladder Cancer?

    What Is Bladder Cancer?

    The Importance of cystoscopy

    The most important diagnostic tool is cystoscopy urologists. Cystoscopy is an optical device to examine the inside of the bladder by seeing. The office with local anesthesia or under general anesthesia this procedure can be done under conditions in the operating room. Called cystoscopy, the device is inserted into the bladder through the urethra and bladder cancer is evaluated in terms of the inner surface in a detailed manner.

    If the tumor is found, the view, the location, number and size are recorded and this time with the device called resectoscope characteristics such as tumors are surgically removed. However, this procedure is performed under general anesthesia. A resectoscope cystoscopy as the principle is similar, but at the end in order to bring out the tissues can be moved and there is a wire loop that can pass a current through it.

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  • Liver Cancer and its Symptoms, Diagnosis and Cure Processes

    One of the main tasks of the liver is storing glycogen. Briefly, glycogen is used when needed by muscles and organs for the energy. Another important task of the liver is removing alcohol, drugs, and toxins from the entire body. It is used in the production of blood clotting proteins, fat and carbohydrates taken in through the processing of foods. As with most of the other types, liver cancer may not show any symptoms until it is spread.

    General Symptoms of Liver Cancer

    As the cancer progresses begin to emerge inexplicable weight loss, swollen belly, loss of appetite, and chronic symptoms such as fatigue.

    • Weight loss: If you are eating your regular food and meals every day and if you are losing weight quickly, it may be a symptom for liver cancer. If you lose more than 10% of body weight, it will be defined as “dangerous”.

    Abdominal swelling: Abdominal distention caused by liver cancer with two causes. Firstly, growing liver will show a swelling in right part of abdome. Second, it fails to fulfill its function completely because of the organ that accumulates in the abdominal area is liquid.


    Diagnosis of Liver Cancer

    Definitive diagnosis of all other cancers like, prostate is possible with biopsy. The traditional tests for the detection of the tumor in the blood, it is not enough for diagnosis of liver cancer. Overly synthesized by tumor cells of a protein, alpha-feto protein (AFP) is often used as a tumor marker. A rise in the blood level data will be valuable in high-risk groups.

    Cure Process and Method

    Cure success depends on the size of the tumor, propagation, with concomitant cirrhosis degree of liver failure. Literally the best way to get rid of liver cancer may be removal of the tumor or a liver transplant.

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  • General Symptoms, Diagnosis and Cures of Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer means the uncontrolled proliferation of cells in the breast tissue. In the nucleus of all cells in the body to be healthy and there are genes that control normal growth of cells. These genes fulfill the task of controlling the normal proliferation of the cells. These genes may also indicate deterioration by various factors such as radiation, environmental agents, microorganisms, etc.

    General Symptoms of Breast Cancer

    A cell which becomes cancerous in a breast produces a tumor, during an examination or radiological investigations and understanding by the doctor until the emergence may take quite a long time. Women generally realize if minimum of 1 cm. size of audience reached, manually with the control method.

    Hands On Your Breast

    Hands On Your Breast

    Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

    At the initial stage of breast cancer, the tumor and surrounding tissue before it starts to affect accessing a striking dimension yet may not show any symptoms. Regular mammography has a critical importance of early diagnosis of breast cancer. Also, it will be felt by hand because the tubers are the symptoms of cancer before reaching the size can be detected with mammography.

    Cure Process and Method

    Breast Cancer Facts

    Breast Cancer Facts

    Surgical operation is the first cure option for breast cancer that has been caught early. The surgical method of a breast tumor provides a clean tissue around breast tissue to be removed, or the whole of the breast are taken. To understand whether the tumor has spread to some lymph nodes also in the armpits are also removed.

    Local therapy: Surgery and radiation therapy are local treatments. The main goal is destroying or eliminate cancer cells. When breast cancer has spread to other parts of the body, local therapy may be used to control the disease in those specific areas.

    Systemic therapy: Chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and biological therapy are systemic treatments. Entering the blood and destroying cancer cells throughout the body. Some women with breast cancer to shrink a tumor before surgery or radiotherapy need to be treated.

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  • How to recover from ovarian cancer ? Latest cure methods and concept of disease

    Ovarian cancer stems from a woman’s ovaries. In women, there are two ovaries on each side of uterus. The ovaries produce eggs, also the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. There are different reasons that cause ovarian cancer. One of them, the most effective factors is non-pregnancy and family history of ovarian cancer. Women who have had no or little babies, it is more likely to be caught ovarian cancer than others. Blocker medications for a long period of pregnancy to be used in a small proportion decrease of the cancer risk.

    General Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

    Ovarian cancer is the most insidious evolving and spreading in all gynecological cancers. Therefore, it is usually asymptomatic in the early stages. The majority of cases are diagnosed at an early stage caught incidentally during routine gynecological examinations. However, if it grows, gives the symptoms like abdominal pain, frequent need to urinate, abdominal swelling.

    Ovarian cancer: what are the symptoms?

    Ovarian cancer: what are the symptoms?

    Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer

    Approximately 70% of ovarian cancers are diagnosed at stage III. Such a high proportion of the most important reasons for the diagnosis of ovarian cancer in advanced stages, this cancer is not spread directly into abdomen. Therefore, for patients to be directly spread to the abdominal organs in question as soon as it is diagnosed at an advanced stage.

    Cure Process and Method

    The most important point in the cure of ovarian cancer is surgery. Surgical, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes and is also applied in these patients.

    The aims of surgical treatment:

    • Determining if the tumor is caused from the ovary,
    • Determining the extent of the tumor in the abdomen,
    • Determining the type of ovarian cancer tumor,
    • Implementing cleaning with all tumor in the abdomen part of body
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  • What are the General Symptoms of gastric cancer ?

    The Asian countries are prone to gastric cancer compared to European communities. Especially, gastric cancer is shown at Japan and China frequently. Especially salted and smoked (including grill) foods, thanks to the nitrosamines they contain, are inducing gastric cancer. Smoking and occupational nickel exposure increases the risk of gastric cancer.

    General Symptoms of Gastric Cancer

    Stomach cancer in early stage usually does not produce symptoms. It can be diagnosed by endoscopic examination performed to reduce risk. The symptoms generally will occur as a result of preventing the flow of food in the stomach or spreading of the tumor.

    • In half of the patients hands-on examination, a mass is felt.
    • Appetite and consequent weight loss (will occur in a short time and severe)
    • Discomfort and swelling of the stomach after the meal,
    • Nausea, vomiting,
    • Large parts of stomach cancer in people with anemia are also seen.
    • Tiredness,
    • Bleeding in the stomach or intestine
    How helicobacter pylori infection causes gastri ulcer

    How helicobacter pylori infection causes gastri ulcer

    Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer

    If the doctor is suspected from gastric cancer, stool test will be checked for determining there is blood in the stool. However, in some cases, because they are blood in stool, gastrointestinal X-ray (radiography) examined the stomach and intestines can be done with the camera and with the camera endoscopy.

    Cure Process and Method

    According to the type of cancer, the cure is made with radiation therapy and drug therapy. The progression of the disease and severity is made in consideration of the situation of the patient by the physician.

    After treatment, patients will get rid of the tumor. But the gastric cancer may recur. The next goal is to try and prevent the emergence of the disease. It is required that to move the front of the formation of the unintended consequences of cure.

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